If we simply accept that we are not of this world then all this may seem like fun – no matter how tragic it may be. If we take life too seriously then we believe that this life of ours is the only thing that exists, and after that everything will disappear. Moving through life with the vision of passers-by, tourists or visitors is a good sign of spiritual foundation. All this reality exists in various ways in human minds. If we allow our minds and beliefs to lead us in the direction they want then we have subordinated our vision to other peopleโ€™s visions. To be a passer-by of this world means to understand your position in relation to creation, God, the earth, people. Going through this life can be harder or easier, but if there is an awareness in us of that transience, then everything that enters our life should be accepted with a dose of reserve and non-attachment. The mind can be transformed relatively easily through spiritual practices but without it we cannot think of passing through this world. Because the mind and senses will always stretch us in different directions and thus juggle the truth. The reality of this world is temporary, and we are only active observers of everything that comes our way. Taming the mind means realizing that this virtual reality is exclusively its product. We can still do better than that. We are real passers-by.

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