In B.COM’s 2nd year, I decided to do a part-time job for earning purposes. My sister and I were entirely dependent on our close ones, which was eating me inside. So, I requested the HOD (Head of my college’s department) to help me get a good job in the accounts field. Being the kindest person, he helped me as I have written about my first job here. I joined an emigration company. I learnt the fundamentals of accounts in that company. Then, after eight months, I joined a full-time accountant job in another company.

“Accountant” is such a big name with a big responsibility. My definition of accounting was maintaining accounts books and paying bills on time. After working for almost three years, I joined a CA firm. There I faced the true definition of “Accountant.”

I felt guilty and a total waste. Reality hits more badly when I get introduced to my salary package; honestly speaking, when I started my career at that time, I was earning that much. Today, I still stand there after giving my time, energy, pain, and sacrifices for three years. It doesn’t feel good, trust me.

As for Guru Purnima, I was at the ashram, and I told my Sadhvi Nishtha Ji that I would write a post called “How I wasted three years” this Sunday, and she asked me why. I expressed myself, and then she made me realize what those three years taught me.

Things I should be grateful for :

  • I got a job at that time when I needed it.
  • I saved some money and bought my laptop because of that job.
  • I become independent.
  • I learnt marketing skills.
  • I learned new things, and I built some good relationships.

Thank you so much, Sadhvi Ji, for reminding me and always helping in get better. This is how my negative perspective changed into a positive mindset. That’s the reason we need mentors and role models in our life. We can take good takeaways from every experience by setting a good mindset.

So, I want to pass on the most extensive learning of my all three years of job is that even if you need money or want to utilize your free time, then do that which will help you make your career. There are plenty of skills we can learn but first, we need to focus on that skill which will help us grow financially and help us in building a career. We should move with age. Age is there for a reason.

For example, if you have a summer vacation and want to learn something, then ask yourself, which industry will you join? What kind of work will you do? What are the skills you will need for that? Then study that only. Forget about other things.

We have time. We can follow our passion and dreams, but we also have to survive in this world. We need a job for that, and we need skills.

If your passion and job are the same, you are lucky; if not, we must learn to maintain a balance.

We all have to choose our investments wisely—the investment of time and energy. Don’t invest without thinking of a return.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya om

Image Credit: Camino Partners

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