The other day I was in conversation with a dear friend. She asked me – Do you think that CONCRETE WORKS is your passion?

It was an unexpected question. My immediate response was, “I don’t know. Infact I choose not to think about that question. When I was running the show at Jain Ceramics, I used to keep asking this question. But there seemed no formidable answer to it. At one end my cunning mind used to keep finding cover-up answers and the other mind told me – that this is not what you are meant to be doing!”

I continued, “Today when I look back at those times, I feel that because of this dual thought process, I didn’t achieve as much as I could have achieved. Not that I didn’t do well or I failed. But I personally feel that I under-performed vis-à-vis my potential. Hence, now I don’t want to ask this question and get into a double mindset. What I can certainly say is that – I have realized that I am creative person and can’t do redundant things. At Concrete Works, I have the liberty and privilege to try new things and put my creativity to work! I am definitely loving this more than I loved Jain Ceramics.”

After the conversation I felt that PASSION IS REALLY OVER-RATED! I am not saying that it is not important and it does not exist. There are people who find their passion very early in life, while there are enough who never know their passion. Both of these people are usually sorted. The worst are those who are desperately searching for their passion and land up never finding it.

My suggestion is –

·      If you have found your passion, do everything to follow it. Monetary gains, recognition, fan followings etc will eventually follow. Following your passion by giving up what you are currently doing is an obvious choice

·      If you don’t know yet what is your passion, keep giving your 100% in what you are doing. Keep checking whether or not you love to do what you are doing for most part of your day. If not, there needs to be a change

·      If you are desperately still searching for your passion day in and day out, STOP right now. You never have to search for your passion. You just know – this is your passion! It reveals itself when the time is right. You just need to be conscious in your day-to-day life

We need to forgo this word called passion and replace it with – what you love to do! Doing what you love to do seems easier and less burdensome than – following your passion.

The best part is – doing what you love to do has nothing to do with your profession. It can be any activity through the day, like – creating adorable parenting moments, dancing, painting, fitness, teaching, motivating budding entrepreneurs, resolving social issues, practicing yoga, meditating, eating your favourite food, listening to your playlist, watching movies, catching up with friends over dinner, blogging, and any such activity!

My wife Arpita loves going to the gym. Fitness is not a profession for her, but something she loves to do. That one-hour workout keeps her going for the day.

I really feel that passion is too over-hyped and over-rated. The focus should rather be to list down what all things you love to do. Once you have the list, do those things more often through the day/ week. Once this is put in practice, our life will be happier, peaceful and and exciting!