The way you are is not the result of what has happened to you. It’s the result of what you decide to keep inside you- Unknown



I don’t remember when I wrote these lines,” Never look back in life, as you will laugh on the events that made you cry, and you will cry on the events you had laughed.”

If I sit today and see to it that what are the deep-rooted fears in my subconscious mind, I find

1.      Fear of losing(Human and materialistic)

2.      Fear of not being recognized

3.      Fear of failure

4.      Fear of rejection


And then came Swami, and things started to unfold, but not all have been deleted from the hard drive called to mind.

Being mindful has made me more present, and I am not afraid of losing, may it be anything. (Lost the most valuable thing in my life last year, and if I am alive, that means I can survive any loss) but learned it the hard way.

Fear of recognition. There was a time when I was worried about what I wore, how I looked, and what people perceived about my look and appearance, but time is the best teacher, and today with less and grey hair, I can state that it is just for the time being. Life is always moving fast, which makes it live; it doesn’t stop for anyone, and looks, age, money, name, everything is a phase, and it too shall pass.

Winning and losing are two sides of the coin, and fear of losing is the toughest to get over, but with time and experience have understood that it is ok to lose, and if one doesn’t lose, how would the other win. Winning gives excitement but losing offers experience, and experience is more critical than excitement.

Rejection is the toughest, and I still have a bit of fear for this. Rejection by friends, family, collages, or any known group is the ripple that affects the mind’s calmness. ( This one is a work in progress)


So life won’t be the same always, and not every day will be Sunday so try and learn to dance to the tunes of life, and it is not possible to play your playlist, sometimes we need to enjoy the radio where we don’t know which song is going to be the next.

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