We constantly dig into our past memories. The memories of travelling, of spending time with our friends, of having get-togethers with our relatives. The past looks beautiful and attractive as compared to our present time in which we are living right now. 

But the problem with the past is that it is dead, it no longer exists. The time that we spent with our friends and families is over. Even those friend’s and family’s attitude towards us have changed. Some have become indifferent towards us and from some, we have grown apart.

Memories are an illusion as it’s something that has happened in the past. It doesn’t have any basis or existence in reality in our present. Basically, it is just our mind recycling our thoughts of the past.

Another problem with past is that we cannot relive it by boarding a time machine because a time machine doesn’t exist. So, we are forced to live in the present with memories(which are an illusion) about past(which is dead).