In otherworldliness there are two different ways by which you can arrive at a definitive truth, the way of Truth and the way of Love. In the end both these ways meet duality closes and from that point there is just converging with all inclusive awareness. We have been going back and forth, expecting various bodies north of a few births, in certain we have encountered destitution, in some riches, in exactly a normal life, etc, however in each birth,
We have encountered difficulty as well as great times. We have likewise been driven onto the profound way, we have done repentance and otherworldly practice itself we all have a bank storage loaded up with these previous existence encounters. These are concealed far beneath in our psyche mind and in this birth, we have collected impressions both great and terrible of this birth itself. Recollect nothing is simple, it is the means by which we act and act and condition ourselves that will tell us regardless of whether we will arrive at our objective in this birth.