Sometimes I don’t know that what is this feeling that keeps bugging me. Every thing is moving at it’s own pace . And somedays I just couldn’t match it’s speed like I want to run away from it or don’t want to know about it. But running away won’t do anything , it will just increase the distance and change nothing. 

Just after this I feel that I should tighten up my core and then I do give it everything. But then I see nothing happens in days weeks months which makes me feel abnormal. Which is a part of the journey your graph can’t always be linear. 

You know what it takes to be the person you always wanted to be a hell lot of guts and and hardest part of life which is to be patient for the right time . As if u loose your Calmness you loose your battle. 

Your life is not a movie or something where in just a song of 4 mins you will have all the aggression and power to change your whole life . It’s a real life it takes years and years to that one person you always wanted to be. 

And all it takes is patients cause it’s a real life not a movie where somedays you feel motivated as a bull and somedays you feel a total piece of shit and that’s okay cause that’s how the graph works

Be patient with every thing in your life, but first with yourself


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