My mother a 88 year old lady is hard of hearing. She hates wearing her hearing aid and many a time she misunderstands what I am saying.

I remind her many times to wear it and also signal to her to wear it when I am passing on some important information.

A case in point today. I spoke to her in my loudest voice to pass on some message. She hurriedly wore her hearing aid and then understood what i said.

She started arguing with me saying I did not communicate properly first and hence she misunderstood the message.

I explained that I said this and that but she insisted that i was wrong.

I could have just walked away but no I played the victim saying “I am always wrong only you are right “etc. in a plaintive tone.

She even said that such a small thing is blown out of proportion by me.

I was upset and sat down with my computer.

The post on ‘ Mind, O mind!’ blinked at me and immediately I realized that my ego wouldn’t let go and had to argue with my mother.

I should have ‘Dropped it” as the Buddha said.

Thank you Om Swamiji for this awakening.

Hope I remember to be aware of my mind going on this ego trip.

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