We all want Peace. We all seek Peace. We all look for Peace from whatever sources and by whatever means we can. Some claim themselves to be at peace while some feel that all their efforts to find peace have turned futile. If it’s so, the big question which arises is that what is Peace and where to find it ?

                In simple words, Peace is a state of being calm; not being interrupted or annoyed by worry, problems or unwanted actions.

           If we accept this as a general definition of peace, should we run here and there to find peace or can it be found from within ourselves? I think when we learn to remain unperturbed by the external actions, hostilities or adverse situations and rather remain calm and stable and have compassion for all, the peace becomes inevitable. It’s like that musk which is imbedded in the naval of the deer, but yet the deer looks for the source of that fragrance all through the forest. The deer just needs awareness that it just lies within.

              Peace is not a by-product of anything. It’s a natural state of being but when we evaluate worries, problems or actions of others in our own perspective; or when we manipulate the things or our actions; or when we try to demean others, the peace is always the casualty.  The things over which we have control, we must use the restrain and the things over which we have no control should also have no control over us.

The things over which we have no control should also have no control over us.

                      We can definitely find the Peace within when we will stop feeling disturbed by the actions or recations of others, stop misusing the power of imagination in worrying, and learn to tread the Middle Path. We should try to be the same what we expect from others. When we don’t like to be manipulated, we should also not manipulate. When we don’t like to be taken for granted, we should also not take anything for granted. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is one of the Golden Rules of Peace!!!

           Being a poet by heart and a seeker by soul, I would like to end this blog with one of my couplet :

जब भी बात आती है मेरी इश्तिराकी की,

ना बगल में छुरी ना मुंह में राम रख़ता हूं। 

इश्तिराकी = Socialize 

May Peace be within all!!!!!




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