Peace islands 2

the game is His and dolls are we

and we say We hold the key

waves are His boats are we

and we say We sail the sea

light is His lookers are we

and we say Look here is Me!

I Me We We Us

first kiss first love

first job first fuss

crazy nights on the rocks

we say We are the Boss!

here We go there We run

all day long under the sun

at the dusk folding handsΒ 

where we fall there He stands

on His feet tired are we

all we can is to hold and cry

here His feet we want to kiss

all we now seek is little Peace!



In the above painting, that boat, I am rowing

A small boat now, no engines

Just me, my oars and a little bag of knowledge

Destination Home

Oars I use only to bring my boat onto the right track of spirituality when I am distracted

They are Mindfulness – I found on the First island

It helps to keep focused, calms the monkeys (mind) down, brings Peace

Forgiveness was on the next island

I could never imagine how powerful it is! I did forgive everybody from my heart

The Peace I get in return is immense! Brought back my smile

Everybody who came in my life was planned to come, for something good to happen within, for learning

I now feel grateful to those I forgive, bonus Peace!

I could hear in the crashing waves Let go, let go, let go echoing all over the third island

Let go of any burden that you may be carrying, let go of the things you can’t change, even let go of your thoughts which you can’t control

I left that island a while ago, now they echo in my mind. They make my mind and heart lighter and lighter everyday

I feel a breeze of Peace and discover that the waves have also calmed down to gentle ooz

Floating atop tranquil water, much less baggage to carry, lost in the breeze, at heart felt a much awaited Peace

I could see next a magnificent island. Seemed time stopped there – I embraced Meditation

I discovered my ever wandering mind in a new way, a big wild elephant, completely uncontrollable, I felt small to its power

I’ve persisted with its ups and downs, lefts and rights. By now I have very few glimpses of tranquility and they are mind-blowing

I’ve never felt such kind of Peace in my life before, not even in luxury, drinks, relations or passions

I left this island only about a hundred hours ago, embracing tightly what I am blessed with and kept rowing …


In the path of Spirituality, in my this very short journey thus far, whatever I came across brought me Peace. So I call them Peace Islands. I am sure many more islands will come on the way – I am ready to row or just surrender to experience all beauty around and bow in reverence.


Thank you so much for reading. It’s all your love and encouragement which make me write.

P.S. The image is one of my paintings from last year. A digital painting done in Corel Painter – Thick oil paint, using an external Wacom art pen and Intuos tablet.Β 

πŸ™πŸ™ Jai Sree Hari πŸ™πŸ™

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