When you are in pursuit of peace of mind trust me it becomes the greatest disturbance of your mind sooner or later .
Peace comes from within one has to drop his ego or desires and it happens by its own you need a full corporation of Nature and divine .
And Nature and divine only co-operate when our heart becomes pure and kind as we can see a live example of om swamiji .
Its my experience i always want to quite my mind live in present moment but this mere desire makes me so angry and i keep trying to change my surroundings and people. I can never be in peace untill this desire of peace is with me .
I remember a line from a book about a great spiritual leader Ramana Maharshi .Once a person comes to him and asked him that ‘ i want peace ‘ and Ramana maharishi give him a simple answer – Remove ‘I’ and ‘want’ from your sentence and the thing remains is “PEACE”.


Thanks and regards