We all have read somewhere that we should plant more and more trees as trees are an important part of our life. But do we follow it?

As Nora Waln said, β€œ Trees give peace to the souls of men.”

These are not just some words, but this is what I believe. I experienced it myself. Trees give calm, peace, happiness, positivity to mind, heart, soul. When I was in 9th class, I did a science project, where I explained how we can use the rooftop to grow plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers as per our needs. And from that time, from that silly project of mine, my family got inspired and they grow vegetables and fruits in our backyard. Every year, every season we enjoy organic vegetables and fruits. Me and my brother watch them grow, although we did not know how to grow or plant one tree or flowers. Such serenity you will never see anywhere else. At that time I learnt the value of plants in our life.

During Covid, I got so attached to nature, especially flowers. Where so much is happening in the world, that chaos, mental health issues, family issues; I just sat near them and feel stillness. They gave me the power to endure everything. They became an inseparable part of my life.

Recently I saw indoor plants, succulents online and I find them very cute. There is a trend going on of them. From the moment I saw them, I wanted to buy them. Last week, there is a flower show and plant exhibition at my university and I went to see that. There I saw stalls of indoor plants and I buy two plants. The lady who sell me those plant, guided me how to took good care of them, watered them. Both are so cute, healthy and handy. One is a snake plant and the other is succulent. The main task starts here to take them home safely; From Amritsar to Fazilka. For a week, I kept them in my hostel. Then it’s time to take them home. I decided to keep one in the hostel and one to bring with me at home. I was scared to carry one on a roadways bus. I protect my pot like a child on the bus from the people. I made a shield with my hands around the pot and reached home safely. After reaching home, I cleaned my plant, watered him, keep in my room. I feel so happy, fulfilled. That feeling which I always get from flowers, plants, trees.
I just wanted to say, in the end, from what I experienced, one should plant trees, treat them with good care. You will feel a special bond with them. I find peace, calm, fulfilled from them, maybe you can too.

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