Namaskaram Swamjigaru, namaskaram to all,

 Her surface parched, cracked-the hot fomentation she produced was unwelcome to the already burning feet. Outside, there seemed nothing less than the hot air oven.   The sweat drenching from the body vaporises on dripping upon her – her thirsty eyes gaze above without a blink holding a prayer within.

As if heading to the plea, the fire ball slowly and reluctantly sets, lowering him, His Highness. The cotton candies and popcorns first appear. Then Grey – dirty – black ghosts follow the march. Mercury hastens to fall- all go mushy and sticky.

Then, The scene: lights, sound, action– there’s sprinkle on her as they drizzle. Her thirst increases, unquenching demand- dil maange more. So they roar and pour even more through her every crack and corner. There, she smiles and swells with joy and the tears flow. Coolness dances around the breeze as the ball drowns down the horizon. All through dusk and dark, the saga intensifies to cheer the lady gaga with short intervals, now and then.

The clear pleasant freshness that spread hugs her sweetly. Rest fills up with orchestra of chirps and tweets. The lush and greens wave to the tunes of buzzes and flutters. Under the bushes, on the blades lay there the hidden treasures, the pearls–the reflecting- the dew drops, smooth round pristine crystal balls- that’s the above image. Add a cup of coffee on the step under the high- no less than heaven- paradise. Wait – someone’s saying good morning! In the coral red robe.

Balance –restoration, neutralization, is the best lesson, the natures demonstrates.

To me, dew drops reflect the light called life– The span, the worth, the wonder, the mystery. U know, what I mean….

The master of punctuality-is like must go on, cycle, as though this one life isn’t sufficient. Its time, just time- and show must go on. Well, can we break the cycle??

Om Dyauh Shaantir-Antarikssam Shaantih

Prthivii Shaantir-Aapah Shaantir-Ossadhayah Shaantih |

Vanaspatayah Shaantir-Vishvedevaah Shaantir-Brahma Shaantih

Sarvam Shaantih Shaantir-Eva Shaantih Saa Maa Shaantir-Edhi |

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

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