It was class 10 a board year..

1991…mandal commission and that diwalli first time did my over protective parents get me crackers which made my hand burn.

In school pretty girls were already being proposed by senior boys and many of those with enchanting smiles and delicate mannerisms admired by class mates. Me was the choclates ,pastries ,chips and hanumanji s boondi eating boy cut lovable and chubby teenager…whom cousins and class boys said what a handsome girl! …On 10 th February did we get to know there is something like valentine day…

And people who want to admit love give cards to their beloved…

Everyone knew me as a bindaas and loud mouth super frank freind but never knew ….abb iss dill mei bhee ladoo foot taa hei. I secretly thought of each sweet snd choclatey boy of school but never did i think that with my hight at 5ft 7 inches snd weigt at 68 i ll look their mom! 14 feb came and went away……no card ,no smile..

No proposal…no missed calls and no smiles too..

Very sad was dotted princess of my Bapu…..she too wanted a flame in her life…

For whom she could sing in her hoarse voice all bolywood..

Come march and first day of delayed board exam .

Our examination center was shared by a convent boys school. As all kids were busy discussing last minute important questions and topic i was most relaxed..

Teacher said only 2 students can be this category…those genius who r fully through or those like me…who know nothing can be done at last moment so chill…..

As examiner said write your names, roll numbers on signing sheet my eyes got locked with my dream Prince charming…
His pen was not working…

Was this the dream lover..

Tall,fair ,red tilak..
Brown hair…cutest smile snd captivating eyes…

Think do i write an exam now????? Still i tried and kept getting scolding from invigilator to not keep staring back at my Darling dream boy…..he too saw this funny and foolish girl who was more interested in smiling at him than giving exam. The exam finished and before i got a chance to say something his and my fathers came to pick us.Next exam was after 5 days….

Would i study….how…no mobile..

No pager…no same scool or colony….how should i find him.

But i had read his name..

So i could chant it 5 days and not sleep or only dream him..any one falling in love first time can feel those skipped heart beats.

Freinds were too busy with boards maths examination preparation to hear my self made love story . The first thing i did was rush to Archies gallery and get a broche…to put on my blazer…i talk wiith eyes only! 5 days went as 5 centuries and i was at examination center an hour earlier…..

To be continued…

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