In continuation of….

Before i start i must share here that both my parents are post graduates in english and were in tourism field….my child hood was usually accompanying my tour guide mom for sight seeings usualy on weekends when our house help dint turn up and there was no one to take care of me.
I was in Sardar patel vidyalya a purely hindi medium school with English as an additional language as they wanted kids to know their roots.The promise to parents was that they ll polish us kids by class 7th to any English medium school. So i knew when ever i meet the foreign tourist best way to procure and flaunt in front of my colony freinds the Foreign tofeees and choclates was recite a poem…..

Red light red-light what do you say…..i say stop Stop your way……..Yellow light Yellow light what do you say…i say start Start your way. Green light green light what do you say…i say go .Go your way! The only one which earned me lots of choclates ,chewing gums and foreign choclate.
We got some nri and ias diplomat kids our class mates in class 6th and when their parents dropped them and asked me when should i fetch her…

I thought jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water…..
Thats the only use of word fetch i knew…
So i looked at her blankly.

So u can well imagine my English skills..

Once me and my mom went to a newly opened wimpys chain in cannaught place and my mother went to order an extra burger for me..
I was having a choclate soda shake and pizza that time…by the time my mom came back waiter had taken my things on Washing tray…..when my mom asked i just got u food where is it? My answer was…in front of so many foreigners how could i say in hindi…bhaiya abhi mei khaa rahi hoo….till the time i could translate he had taken my tray! So u can well imagine my Hinglish………congratulations was kangaroolations and breed of dog was brand of dog in conversing with paush friend…

Coming back to our Telephonic first interaction….i had kept a refrence sheet of self composed poem to read to my beloved as soon as i called.When he said Hello…
Since i knew he was in convents and would have best of english….

Instead of asking his name ,school ,relationship status… miss obsessed croaked

U are my Sun you are my Moon…..

Lets oh cutie meet Soon…….some love one,some love two…
I love one that is you………..The voice from other side came who is this…..before i could explain my Dadajee entered our drawing room after his walk and called out loud to me to take the doodh kaa dol in his hand. I immideately hung up the phone….

Lets wait for what happens next….