I had made a full proof plan with my monkey troop in school how to tell my family that study pressure is too much and i should for a joint study with a neighbour friend who was also in same class as mine…the catch was both her parents were working and the land line phone was available for me to call my Dream boy! I chose Wednesday as the lucky day as i heard…budhh kaam shudhh.
At 3.30 pm i went from home after having sambhar chawal and onion in yellow t shirt with fluorescent laces criss cross design on it to the colony friends house for my izhaaare mohabbat! At 3.40 i dialed Mr India s most precious number and lady luck was shining on me he said Hello..

I like you, I love you , i want to marry you..

I have always been a loyal lover can never have casual relationships without a destination…so this was my first sentence to him. He replied in most rich and deep voice….Sorry! Oh how my heart skipped a beat! Next question i answered was who was me……….so i was the tall girl with boy cut hair at exam center who wore a black jacket and flower ear rings..

He seemed to have no clue…here i was breathing him …and there he was who never knew where all the carbon diaxoide around was being breathed out from. Any ways he asked my name ,school,subjects i chose and colony location..
I felt like Hindi movies his yaaadasht will come back and he ll admit his love too. Ultimately it was decided that he ll come on Friday outside my school with a senior colony friend who has a licence and then we may discuss our further plans. So i had 45 hours to prepare….i shampooed my hair ,put lakme compact blush pink face powder of mom ,borrowed a ring of a jazzy friend…since i was a tom boy with extremely poor art skills my nails were to short to flaunt nail polish but i still tried a hand! In my class each single chalk too knew my excitement and meeting plans…
We used to travel back home in a rickshaa as house was 2kms from school…so that day we told our parent ( we my 2 boys and a girl jiggri yaars) we have an extra olympiad preparation class so we could buy some time! How each study period of Friday passed and in lunch each class mate came to wish me all the best.

As the last bell rang we rushed to our school gate and there just opposite our school gate was standing my Life…my love…
My Prince charming! I flung the bag and went running as p.t.Usha so fast to him that my clumsy mannerisms made our heads bang! We had met ..
Again in this life time….yes this was real ..

Pinch me pinch me some one..

For what happened next lets wait a little more…
Happy Valentines to each reading this!