Anant koti dandavat at your lotus feet oh Bhagvan. With deep sense of pain, I am writing this post. I am not able to tolerate the cry of a mother anymore. It is related to one of my previous posts where I described the Cat family, the Bird family and the Rat family which are dwelling around our house, with conflicting interest of each of the parties involved. Unfortunately, the post got deleted accidentally.

However, the cat moved down from the balcony to the ground area. Sahil was in tears, that the cute kitten (Furry, named by Sahil) will go away i.e. move on in its life. But maybe the mother cat was feeling secure and she stayed just outside the kitchen door with Furry. The mother-baby duo were kind of  ‘aashrit’ on our family. That is what is hurting me deeply. 

Furry had free access to our house. She would play with Sahil, me and Sanghamitra without any iota of fear. What a cute and adorable kitten she was! Sahil made sure that, the mother-daughter duo get food in the form of milk, fish, chicken etc. Sahil was so attached that he would save some chicken pieces, which was meant for his consumption ,and without any second thought would put in the bowl for feeding Furry and her mother.

Furry used to come inside our house in the morning as soon as I opened the back door of our house and would play hide and seek. She had the exclusive access to our Puja room where only me, Sahil, and Sanghamitra enter. She used to make a visit. Swamiji, I am sure that she might have seen your pic in the Puja room and vice versa. Sahil used to instruct her to take your blessings in his ‘Mewish’ language. They both had a very nice bond.

But on the morning of last Saturday, after the playful activity, when Furry went out of our house, we had no idea at all that she would be lost.  Furry has been lost since 10 AM, Saturday. We tried to search for her, but in vain. We did not find any trace.

Her mother, is still searching for the kitten. Yesterday was Sunday and staying at home was a punishment for us. The painful cry of the mother for her baby was deafening. I can’t bear it anymore. If Furry played a bit more inside our house, the mother would gently produce a signal that she wanted to see her and Furry would obey the order without fail. Sahil would open the mosquito door and Furry would jump to her mother and cuddle with her.

Because of the cold, Sahil arranged an IKEA Box with old clothes for the mother cat and her baby to have a comfortable sleep. The moment, I used to open the back door in the morning, both the mom-baby duo would be found sleeping cozily. What a scene it was! It is the same way Sanghamitra and Sahil sleep. 

But suddenly, Furry disappeared. Sahil cried. I tried to console him, but the child inside me was also crying internally. Swamiji, you know how I am crying since last two days during Puja. Yesterday and today, while opening the back door, the mother cat was sleeping in the same position in the IKEA box as mentioned previously. The hopeful look in her eyes is shattering my heart. As if she is expecting her baby to come running out of the house like before. The mother’s call for her baby is no less than taking machine gun fire directly on my heart riddled with bullets. The mother is crying at various times during the day and night.

I don’t know what Sadhana is. I am nirbodh. But what the mother cat is doing is no less than sadhana. She is not taking the milk, I am putting on her bowl. A male cat was stalking both the mom-kid duo. I feel terrified of any mishap from the inside . I lost Bagulia (a playful cute stray puppy) during my childhood days which was attacked by a male dog and was mauled to death. I could not bear the scene of the mother dog carrying the carcass of the puppy and cleaning it with her tongue, trying her best to ‘wake’ her baby up. I burst into tears. The memory is still fresh in my heart.

The hopeful eyes of the mother cat is continuously making my heart bleed and feel guilty. I could not protect the ‘aashrit’. Saadhvi Vrinda OM ji, now I can feel you pain for Binoo when she departed. Binoo was a pet dog, but Furry was a stray kitten who at birth, had difficulty in opening eyes even after a month, and Sahil would help her open her eyes. Her bonding with Sahil and Sahil’s affection for her cannot be expressed in words. 

Swamiji, please do something for the aggrieved mother. If at all I have done any good karma please take all, empty my account balance, but please unite the mother kid duo. 

Hey Bhagwan, Tathagat, aap hi kar sakte ho kuch chamtkar. I go on begging you for favours, one after another . Kya karoon, ‘Bhikhari’ hoon. I am a beggar. I have nothing to offer to you as I have completely surrendered at your lotus feet. Please Swamiji, this write up is on behalf of the mother who could not express her grief in words.

PS: The featured image is of Furry in a playful mood hiding under the stool. Furry, we all love you.