• Aah they hurt badly again! She screeched as soon as peon Ram prsaad s wife took a morsel of pooree their neighbour Sheela gave her after Satya Narayan pooja at their house as prsaad of bhog. 

It had been 7 years now that Ram prsaad s wife Gyaandevi had eaten with out crying in agony due to a mouth full of red blisters! Visits to government dispensaries, to municipal moholla clinics and even Government controlled Safderjung hospital had not solved her ailment! From medicine of bicasule to fall white and vitamin D injections she had tried every thing any one told her.She went to ayurvedic Vaids, got magnet therapy in charitable institutes , alternated it with homeopathy, accupressure and even Singhis( who suck blood) therapy but nothing cured this pathetic condition.

Ram prsaad used to work with Kavitajee , a professional at Air Malasya and a very spiritual and generous person.Seeing Ram prsaad always worried and asking for advanced even after having no bad habits made Kavitaji enquire into the matter.

After listening to Ram prsaad s plight Kavita ji assured him , blessing from her Guru( who was  an incarnation of Vishnu ji) would cure his wife of the sickness forever !

Ram prsaad was so desperate and disturbed that he asked Kavitaji where does her Guru live , when he is available for meeting and he wants chhuti! Kavita ji explained to Ram prsaad ..her Guru Om Swamiji lives in Badrika ashram Solan near River giri in Solan Himachal pradesh.Since it was his sadhna period he was in solitude for next 6 months , but she gave a picture of her Swamiji to her peon Ram prsaad.

Each morning Ram prsaad thought with his meager resources and income and no chuuti to meet Swamiji! Is Swamiji a magical touch really that powerful that now his wife would eat like average people?

Anyway between his sleepless nights seeing his wife a frailing health and weakness all the time Ram Prasad struggled , one day Kavitaji lovingly called Ram prsaad in her cabin and said we leave tomorrow 4.45 am sharp to Solan in office innova! I ll see u at i.t.o gate, that was the most common point where they both could meet be staying in Ganesh Nagar east Delhi and she in Gurgaon.She said she had talked to higher authorities and got a 4 day holiday granted for Ram prsaad.

An array of emotions ran in Ram prasad s head, how he ll meet a Mystique, how he ll not leave his feet, how he would plead Swamiji to cure his wife and then how he ll eat aloo kachauri and golgappe with tangy water in weekly Friday market with his beloved Wife.

Next day Ram prasad and his wife reached Sri badrika ashram at 3 pm Since the discourse at 6 pm, they freshened up in dormitory wash room.The educated doctors,writers,engineers , business men and academically learned crowd of devotees made Ram prsaad feel very inferior and low.Why would Swamiji help him out of so many talented meditators, bhagtas and rich?

As soon as discourse finished and Swamiji headed to his mud cottage meeting room then ,Ram prsaad and his wife almost held his feet as anaconda and did his charran kamal abhishek with their tears wailing and crying of rehem rehem rehem( mercy mercy mercy).

Too Khana kyu nahi khati?…Swamiji asked lovingly to Gyan devi caressing her head…jaa aaj se too khoob khaegi!

Heading towards dining hall , Ram prsaad had tears of joy, amazement and gratitude! Do angels still exist? How Kavita mam brought me without interest to ashram? Does God walk on earth? Is Swamiji s touch for real? Thinking all this he was astonished beyond belief seeing his wife eat sumptuous Kadee chawal that day at ashram and all meals for days they were there. His unfaithful mind still kept chattering , if it was an ashram limited miracle! 

Guess what Gyaan devi is 12 kgs heavier now and her favourite with each meal is to eat  Momo ki laal chutney