My last post was about “Love Yourself No Matter What!” 

This post is something I learned earlier but I was recently taught again. “People Change and So do You”, is true, normal, and acceptable. 

We always think someone has changed because he earned money or has earned more power. This is so not true. I won’t say this is completely false; people change when they earn power or money. BUT there are still more reasons to change in a person. 

When I look back on my past years, I have grown throughout and I am a different person than I was 4 years back. I will not look back that long, I have changed from what I was in January 2021. There are a few good changes and maybe a few bad ones too. We generally forget ‘Every person has different opinions’. Thus, the changes that you think are bad may be good for someone else. We may fight against it but again subjectivity is something we really forget.

I would really like to share a story that I wrote a few months back and when I read it again, I understood there is a great message hidden in it. It goes something like this-

“I am going to Amsterdam”, she said to Vikrant. Vikrant stood there stuck to the ground. He didn’t know what to reply to Mahi. They had been together for almost 6 years now. Vikrant knew everything about Mahi, he did know about Amsterdam. But for the last four years, Mahi didn’t mention Amsterdam. She had forgotten about it because of the roller coasters they had been through. There were months when they had dal-chawal for dinner as every penny went in Vikrant’s business. Being married was nothing different than being in a relationship for them. 

It was around last month that Mahi mentioned Amsterdam. Vikrant thought it was just a joke. But when today she said it with seriousness, he felt a sting to his heart. They had focused so much on Vikrant’s business that he had forgotten her dream job. Vikrant always supported Mahi and he did it this time. He brought out her favourite wine, poured two glasses and sat beside her. That is when Mahi cried a lot and all Vikrant did was hold her. During the 6 years of being together, they had seen each other fall, stand, cry, hate and love the other one with all their heart. Finally, Mahi spoked, “I want you to be here and rock our Mahant business. ” 

That was all that Vikrant wanted to listen to that night. He knew he could not expect Mahi to leave her dream. While sitting there he said, “Mahi, if it would have been 3 years back, I would have never left you. I would have cried, did drama and anything just to keep you here with me.” 

Both of them grown-up and married together stayed true to their words. Vikrant supported Mahi throughout and Mahi did everything from Amsterdam for Mahant. ”

I wrote this story for a concept called “together” (with respect to being turned into a short film). But if you observed closely, Vikrant was not like this 3 years back and Mahi had shifted Amsterdam to the back of her mind. I found this story simple but yet powerful. It may not have words showing the change, but the support stayed together.

Finally, that is what we live for in the end.

With it, all I want to say is, we all will face situations different than today. And these situations will ask you to take leaps forward and sometime hold your position. With every incoming situation, you reaction, your words and everything make it who you are.

Wear it like a badge! And when someone points it out, say ”I love myself the way I am and may be more than you do!”


I hope you find love and strength! Thank you!