My life changed dramatically throughout my teenage years, making many major mistakes, finding myself in bad situations and having to overcome them alone. These trials led me to getting a grip on my life and striving to be the person I wanted to be. After all these seemingly huge turning points in my life, I finally seemed to experience a balanced life. I was starting to attend college, was sober, had a home, in a good mindset, and a career goal. I started to take nursing classes and found myself motivated and absorbing information with a passion. About half way through the course we were handed consent forms for working with cadavers. My heart sank then quickly started to race.
I hadn’t considered the fact we’d have to work with the deceased.
My father has been a Sexton for my entire life, death has tickled my brain and mortified me from a very young age. On the first day working with the cadavers in the lab I had also realised I had forgotten my own mortality. The illusion of balance I had felt crumbled. I realized I was not afraid of the dead, I was afraid of my own mortality and the separation form those I love.
Shortly after this time my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and mortality became that much more apparent to me.
The realization of mortality opened my mind and heart to my philosophy of compassion. We are all just human beings in this life with little knowledge of why we are here or what comes next. Regardless-we can be in this world together, treating each other with kindness and understanding.
With the realization of mortality, I started to care more about life on a spiritual basis and recognizing all people and our vulnerability and struggles. Instead of mortality giving me an outlook of “why does any of this matter?” It made me think, I really need to value life and others lives and the impact of it. I started to realize everyone is just trying to get through life and the struggles in the ways that they have learned or are still trying to discover. Knowing that we are all somewhat lost and struggling gave me compassion and understanding to myself and others. It made me choose life more fully and understand the strength I had over my own life and that I can use it to help others too. I was able to care more about details and being emotionally connected to what I do. Humans are all in this life together and we have to have compassion for one another in

order to thrive together. I believe this type of leadership can be applied on all levels big and small. We must have compassion with our own selves in order to fully understand compassion with others. By caring for other people’s well being we ensure growth within ourselves and those impacted by our compassion. We can hope our acts of compassion will influence others and influence its growth to change on a larger scale. I strongly believe that exerting our spiritual energies of kindness towards other individuals can have an impact and bring forth positive changes in life.
These realizations completely transformed my life. I no longer wanted to waste it or let my efforts fall to the side and be absorbed in unnecessary acts or feelings. My leadership has allowed me to first help myself and then help those around me. It has impacted such instances as how I treat the general public or at my place of work. Before I would cower away and only be focused on my job whereas now I make sure I acknowledge customers lives fully and take extra steps to know they are cared for. I am not letting myself be held back by social norms and fear. I hug some of the closer customers, help older people with carrying their food, make small talk, give compliments, make sure to say goodbye as they leave etc. I have understanding with difficult people in my life rather than contributing to the negativity I respond to them with positivity and understanding. I try to look at other people’s lives from their perspective and realize why someone may act the way they do instead of just getting upset and trying to find blame and consequences. My philosophy of compassion relates to individualism because it was formed and discovered within myself over the course of my human experience thus far. I believe in the freedom and responsibility an individual has to take charge over their own lives. We can all help form a kinder world.
My philosophy does not necessarily relate with naturalism because it’s not based on necessarily empirical evidence. It is more within and then outward from ourselves. It is not religion based but it is more on our own self or “spirit” for power. My claims are also driven by emotion and ethics.
My philosophy can be applied to leadership in the global community because it is for everyone and our impact on others in order to bring positive change. My philosophy on compassion is to hopefully transform others lives into wanting the same outcomes for themselves and realising their influence to others.
While my philosophy of compassion may not seem to work on all issues occurring in our world in others opinions, to me compassion has forgiveness for mistakes therefore does it have mistakes when there is room for them? In order to lead compassionate lives we must be able to accept failure and have forgiveness for mistakes. In order to combat failure and mistakes we have to live in the best ways that we can as far as how we treat

others. If we put our heart into our lives and actions and still fail then we can know we did what we believed in to the best of our abilities, rather than regret what we didn’t do after failure. Complications of my philosophy are individuals who are caught up in the materialism of the world rather than the inner values of humanity. Fear and greed are the biggest hindrances of compassion. Many have too much self interest and would rather gain more as an individual than focus on the growth of humanity. Others become stuck in their ways of thinking and refuse to open their minds to new concepts and ideas.
I find compassion to be the best form of leadership for myself and humanity because it promotes peace and unity for all. It encourages an individual to become far more and to care for others in this world. It encourages growth within and outward. Much of our world issues such as our wars and in politics and environmental issues could be overcome with compassion leading to unity. If we cared about others as a whole instead of personal gain we would have little conflict.

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