I have always admired great personalities. I always wanted to follow on their paths and stand on the shoulders of giants. A few people have greatly impacted my life and thinking process and I wish to write about them here. They are:

  • Subramanyan Chandrasekhar- he was an astrophysicist, theoretical physicist and a mathematician who won the Nobel Prize in Physics. The integrity of his personality as I read about in the books amazed me. He was very intelligent and very systematic in his work. He lived a simple life and followed a vegetarian diet.  His writing was beautiful, his speaking style was eloquent and he spoke in full sentences. I was greatly inspired by him when I wanted to be a scientist myself. Personalities i admire 2
  • Abdul Kalam- he is as I believe an inspiration to many school and college going students. He shared his vision to the students to make India a great country. He talked about courage, to have a vision for the future. He talked to the students about loving your own mother and it greatly moved me. His achievements and contributions to the world of rocket science were plenty and he helped India gain its place in the world map for science and rocketry. I am greatly inspired by him and his simplicity in his demeanour and vision in his thoughts. Personalities i admire 3
  • Jiddu Krishnamurti- he was a philosopher in the last century who was being prepared by Theosophical Society to become the world teacher. But he rejected that pedestal and clearly declared that ‘truth is a pathless land.’ His integrity and his sharp wit has mesmerized me for long and his teachings are very near to Advaita philosophy of Sanatan Dharma. Like Swamiji, he also, in his own way told to discover our own truth. He is clearly one of the most sought-after spiritual teachers of the last century. When Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese-American writer met him, he shared that on meeting JK he felt as if he had hit a wall of love. So, that was the charisma of JK. Personalities i admire 4
  • Om Swami- Our beloved Swamiji is my role model and I don’t need to introduce him here because we all know him very well. I try to follow on his teachings and I am surrendered to him. I know he is protecting me always. If I want to be like someone and if I am ever asked in an interview that who is my role model, I will simply say-Om Swami. Thank you Swamiji for everything. We all love you. Personalities i admire 5

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