Today I feel like narrating the story of a very very caring freind Minni ,She was born and brought up in Bombay as the third Daughter of her Petrol pump owner dad! With Brown eyes ,Golden brunette hair and milky complexion with a cherry tinge ,Minni grew to be a very pretty ,sophisticated, stylish and fashion conscious young lady! She has excellent English and French skills with equally versatile culinary skills and is very humble and polite.She is so compassionate that even if once I used to mention that I feel hungry, in the park where are kids used to play, she ensured she packs idlee sambar for me and give me immideately or even send my kids there Favourite daal makhni or Shahi paneer. Minni with so many qualities Got married to her child hood sweet heart Ajay from Delhi who’s dad was her Nani s brother only aswell owner of 3 large  export clothes factories aswell a big house in South Delhi! Would you call it destiny  ,fate and the most sort after life ?If  you have the most romantic, loving  aswell as a virtuous husband who is least greedy for dowry aswell as a devout and regular temple visitor! Life as they say has its own season and reasons  ,slowly Minni had 2 daughters, her mother inlaw was so dominating that even 1 spoon of ghee or some garlic in food and she was ridiculed, her husband was too irresponsible to work, her father in law due to some foolish desicion and no authority delegation had to sell the factories and Minni had to share her house with her brother in law and his 3 kids with a restriction that she couldn’t call any of her freinds or relatives. Her husband due to inferiority complex has been extremely possessive for her working in an office or wearing without sleeves clothes or long dressed too.Minni is my freind and often sufferers bouts of asthma due to extreme stress of how her girs school fee would be paid! Her dad Gave her good fixed deposits as marriage gift from which she runs her family expenses and now after 25 years of a dream/ nightmare marriage has started a business of selling healthy multi grain baked banaa/ soya and lady finger chips! My heart goes out for such a sweet  Lady!