Human life is considered to be the most sacred life among all the life of on this planet. It is due to its excellent memory and powerful imagination. It is imaginative potential of human being which leads us to dream for the future. We can build our future, mould our future and forecast our future. At the same time, it also has a powerful memory which helps us to maintain knowledge gained by past activities. It goes through various phases of life like childhood, youth and old age.

Among all the stages, childhood is said to be best. No pressure and no tension. It is during this stage that maximum learning takes place. In other words, beginning of conditioning of mind takes place at this stage. Three sources are responsible for the conditioning of the child- society, family and self. The first source is self. This knowledge comes before the child takes birth. This knowledge mainly develop when the child is inside mother womb. It can also be called as a foundation wisdom. During this time , environment is greatly responsible for shaping the character of the child. Environment include the surrounding environment, the stars , the Sun , the earth etc. Just as weight of human being will vary if one goes to moon . Similarly, character of a child is moulded if one born in specific latitude and longitude. As gravity varies a bit as we move towards the poles.

Second foundation of child wisdom is their parents. Parents are next building stone of child’s growth. Every habit is passed to their children unconsciously. It is because of which one learn their mother tongue effortlessly.

Third source of conditioning is the society. It includes the circle of friends, neighbors,teachers etc. The child observe various events occurring in their life. On basis of this event, child interprets their own conclusion.

Now comes to the next phase of life which is youth. It is this phase, person dwells in past, present and future. It is during this phases, person confront the society. It is during this stage, person gains a significant insight based on its own conditioning mind with that of the society.

After this stage comes the old age. During this time, person mostly dwell in the sweetest memory of the past. At the same time , fear of death also haunt. If during this phase, if person comes out of it conditioning mind either by effort or divine grace then one achieve absolute freedom also known as mukti in hindi.

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