We have read many times these famous lines of saint kabir :- 

कस्तूरी कुण्डली बसै मृग ढ़ूँढ़ै बन माहि ।

ज्यो घट– घट राम है,दुनिया देखें नाही ।।

Translation :- As a deer search outside, his musk due to fragrance coming from inside of himself and unable to find throughout his life, ­we are also searching for Lord everywhere except inside of us.

This world is reflection of Lord krishna , but we instead of Lord krishna see only world.

A saint gone to a householder and says “narayan hari” (for alms). The householder is very poor and in miserable condition. He came out and start weeping. On seeing him crying saint asked ” why are you crying?”

He said — ” O Holy being , in my house all are hungry . U have came but we are unable to do any service for you. So I am crying. Lord has make me such that I am not able to serve any food to you.”

Saint saw his house for once and said – ” There is no one as lucky as you . If you want u can make anyone prosperous and wealthy.” He then indicate his hand towards a stone and ask what is that?  Householder replied that stone we used to make sauce . 

Saint said – This is not a normal stone, it is a philosopher’s stone. 

Householder again said – we use this to make sauce.

Saint said – You have heard about philosophers stone? Bring some iron utensils from home.

He brought some , on touching them with that Stone they turn Into Gold!  Now saint asked Now tell , who is as rich as you?

He said – No One literally!

Summary :- As the philosopher’s stone is placed in householders home, just like that Lord is seating in our heart’s and we search here and there in search of him.


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