A few months ago, I heard something from Sadhguru that I thought was profound.

Most of the Covid-19 spread can be attributed largely to travel. What if there was a 14-day period where people avoided travel and just stayed home? Maybe spent some quality time with family, maybe a bit of meditation and yoga?

I think it could have dramatically contained the spread.

A few centuries ago, Blaise Pascal said something similar, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

We cannot do anything about the past. The best thing we can do about it, is to learn from it. I think we need a major course correction on the way we live. Is all the progress we are making leading us to be happier or is it doing the opposite?

I read something along these lines recently. I think it makes a good case to change how we think about progress and success.

Inner Peace is the new rich.
Happiness is the new success.
Health is the new wealth.
Mindfulness is the new cool.

Human beings are more evolved beings amongst millions of species because of our ability to think. If we pause and think about why we do what we do and reflect, it can really move the needle of progress in the right direction. At least, there is hope.

On a lighter note, I think we humans can do with talking a bit less. I heard this story in one of Swamiji’s videos and have tried to paraphrase as best as I could.

Mark Twain was once at a sermon. The priest’s words were mesmerizing and Mark Twain said to himself, ‘I am going to drop 50 dollars when the money collection hat comes around’.

The priest went on with his talk. Ten minutes later, Mark said, ‘I think 20 dollars will be enough’. Ten minutes later, he said 10 dollars will suffice. By the time the priest ended the talk, Mark wanted to take money from the money collection hat.

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