I have a story , You have a story

Everyone of us has a story

Some stories make us, some we make

Some stories we live, some live in us

Few chapters of joy and happiness you don’t want to end

Few chapters of pain and agony you want to skip

Few moments of hell pull you again & again in the deep dark black hole of consciousness

Where gravity is mighty, robust than the mindfulness of your positivity

Either leave it to carry bruises on soul

Or let the life strengthen you through all these crazy experiences

Same as the phoenix rises from the ashes with renewed youth

Every time you have a choice to heal yourself to come out as a growing soul

Its only you who can heal yourself as only you know the pain of being yourself

Hence no need to burn in the same hell again and again

Because your past was never a mistake if you learned from it

Whatever the lesson life wants you to learn in this lifetime

This is how life works…….

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