Good physical health is very important, a good physical health helps you a lot in covering the goals and reaching them.

You will definitely reach your life goals with hard work, but if your health is not good, then the efforts it takes to reach that goal becomes two times.

Some points which are important to improve physical health-

  1. Engage in muscle strengthening activities that involve all your major muscle groups two or more times a week. 
  2. A proper balance diet is very necessary. 
  3.  Just sitting and lying most of times can shorter lifespan and it also affects the immune system. So always keep moving, your lymph nodes will also be active and your health will also be good.

Many times bad health conditions are genetic and Due to genetic conditions, many times we feel why we are the only one. answer is simple it is a life and life is uncertain. in such a situation, we have to accept that thing and according to that we have to set the ways to reach goals.

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