I was browsing through series of images at Pinterest when I came across one which caught my attention. It was a quote written by Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer.

He is also referred in a story about The Vinegar Tasters. Remeber something🙂??Swami ji has written a beautiful post about it where he mentioned about Lao Tzu.

Well let me share the quote:

pc : Pinterst

This post is nothing more than this quote. I thought of posting it in QA but just to share this pic, I ended up writing this short post😁. When I read it, I remebered a long list on both sides. I realized, I just have to interchange what I was doing all this time, I was picking what I had to drop. The Sheikh Chilli in me was all ready to make a big list on both sides. Then a voice came within, just one step at a time else it will not work.

I am reading currently “A Million Thoughts” which helped(ing) me to decide one. Before writing one below,  I have carefully remebered not to add a word “try”, all beacuse of Hetal ji’s  post here. Here is my one each on both sides:

Pick: I am going to pick dessert over namkeen. Kidding..i love both. Whenever in the crossroad of life,I will pick one route and stay at peace than just pick one for the sake of others and keep complaining about the desire of second route. Nishtha ji, Immensely grateful to you for guiding me here.🙏

Drop :  I will drop expectations of any form for e.g. Do what you can but don’t expect a return gift.

Dear All, I ask you, what is your first pick and drop in life 🙂.

Thanks for reading this post.

Immensely grateful to be here and among you🙏