Painted in saffron, white is my drape
Communed with my Mother Divine, I live in Her world

Her love my fragrance, Her presence my life
The blissful tears my jewels, this ashram lit by Her light

Away from the dark, Away from vices
Adorned by love, Is a mystic’s hut

Nestled in blue mountains, Is a cloak of green meadows
As the fleecy furry clouds cradle down, Love wings spread its nectar on heaven’s twilight

Gushing forth is the glistening Giri, circling my Narayani’s pink Feet
I surrender my heart to you here, Whom I don’t know

I surrender my mind to you, in whom I found my refuge
Oh my Goddess, Oh my Mother, now I have come

To surrender my whole self to you, my Antaryami, my Gurumoorti
After wandering for lifetimes, Amidst problems and solutions,

Successes and failures, Ego and desires, Truth and delusions
At last when the sun is scorching, And the nights frozen

The way is lit by your footsteps to follow, I am seeking the silent choirs of Love petals,
Singing divine harmony of Guidance and warmth, Tip toeing into my heart through the notes your fingers press.

Oh my beloved Mother, when you come and sit in front of me
Then I will have reached the end of my pilgrimage

O my Inner Light, Come, come
Take me to truth, to light, to life, to love’s eternal embrace

In stillness get me close to you, And take me with you,
Into you. For you. Forever and ever……