My name is Pinki. I am 7 years old.

This is my new diary. My mamma gifted me today on the marriage of my lord shiv ji and ma parwati.


In my lovely diary, I will write daily with this new pencil which works with a button. My mamma also gave me this pencil, it is so amazing, I do not need to use a cutter. I press the button and a new lead comes out.


Tomorrow, I will go to my school and show this new pencil to my friends kushi and aditi. They are my best friends.

Mamma said not to lie in this diary because shiva will come daily at night to read my diary. He will come after I go to sleep. And will also fulfill what I ask him by using his magic.


Today morning, I went to the temple with my mamma to pray to shiv bhagwan. So many people were there, I got scared and hold tightly the hands of my mamma. Then loud music started playing and two big elephants came there.

They were so big I wanted to run away. My mamma asked if I wanted to sit on it, then I started crying and held her hands more tightly and shouted no no.


Then behind the elephants, I saw a tall car with music. I saw someone with tall hair jumping. When the car came near, I saw shiv ji dancing on it. When I saw him I was so happy, I left my mamma and ran near him.


One more small girl was dancing there with her pappa. I also started dancing. I saw shiv ji and he saw me, then he threw flowers at me. When I started picking up the flowers, my mamma came and held me tightly and said I will get lost. She held me near the temple, I again started crying and saying I will dance with shiva.


When mamma took me near the temple gate, in a shop of toys I saw the same shiva face. Looking at it, I stopped crying and said to mamma, shiva was also wearing it. Mamma said he was not real shiva, real shiva is inside the temple.


Then I said I too will wear it and look like shiva, please mamma buy it for me. Mamma said no, then I sat on the ground and started crying. Then mamma said, you cannot take this toy to school, so she will buy me something better that I will take to school. Then she gave me this new diary and pencil.


Inside the temple, when my mom was praying, I searched for shiva, but I did now find him anywhere. Only one photo of him was there.


Today I pray to shiva that he comes to meet me. I saw that girl on the temple dancing with her father. My father never comes homes. He is in army, and he fights with enemies to save our country. My mamma said tonight, shiv ji will come to read my diary.

I pray to shiv ji that when he comes, to wake me up. I want to talk to him. I have not met with him. In the temple, when I saw him, he was not real. A man was wearing a toy on his face of shiv ji.

Now, I am going to sleep, I will wait for lord shiv ji. I also have the flower from the temple to give him, when he comes.


~ Shooonya