Pitching is the most important part of a business and more so in an entrepreneurial organization. If we don’t pitch to prospective customers or potential clients about the services that we are providing or the products that we are selling then our business can’t sustain for long. We have to pitch through emails, phone calls, sms, social media or even going from door-to-door; so as to win over customers and clients. In an entrepreneurial organization, where we don’t know whether our business will sink or sail through; where the funds are always crunched. It becomes even more important to pitch to as many customers and clients as possible. Because if we pitch to 100 people, then out of those only 2 or 3 will get back to us and will be interested in purchasing our products or utilizing our services. So, that’s why Pitching is so important in terms of generating and increasing sales. Pitching is also important in terms of marketing. If people don’t know who we are, what is our business, what we are selling; then they won’t be buying from us and our entrepreneurial organization will die a bankrupt death. Like they say, nobody get to see a peacock dancing in the deep jungle, it’s the peacock that is in the open that people can see. That’s why sales and marketing are so important in a business. Sales and marketing also go hand in hand as they both complement each other. If we don’t market our products or services,  then there will be no sales. If there will be no sales, then there is no point of wasting money on marketing.  Pitching is the most important weapon in the arsenal of a business. It involves both marketing and sales expertise. Good Pitching can make an organization and Bad Pitching can even break an organization. Pitching is also to be done in a right manner, otherwise it won’t yield any result. If we continuously pitch our services or products to strangers, then there is a high possibility that they won’t buy it. But if we maintain a right balance of providing free services, free content and some free products and then pitch our products or services to our prospective customers; then there is a high possibility that they will buy them which will inturn increase our sales. So, in the end; i just want to say that good pitching to the right clients on a suitable platform is the most potent tool in generating huge sales and it also helps in the fabulous growth of an entrepreneurial organization.