My life is going on cruise control. I am happy, just feeling great about my achievements. In my mind the calculator is going on I will add this and will multiply that. It’s like driving through a beautiful valley without noticing the beautiful scenery because my mind is intoxicated with pride. Suddenly the life drives over a pothole and bang I wake up. What happened, that hole was not supposed to be there (but it was). Then the blame game starts I feel stupid or I blame the whole world for my miseries. God, why did you not make my life smooth like everyone else’s? Why do I have to always struggle?

I woke you up so you can enjoy the beautiful views while driving in low gear. I jolted you to remind you there was a bigger speed bump coming ahead. Do I need to remind you that I am the driver, not you? Did I not warn you 10 kilometers before to keep a watch on your speedometer? You don’t but I know there are speed cameras on this highway. How can you forget that you are carrying an expensive cargo (family)? How can you be so callous?

Thank you, lord.

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