My Father inlaw celebrates his today! Happy Paapaji as I surprised him in morning by preparing kheer ( coutsey you tube for receipie and blink it for full cream milk), samosas,dhokla( brought by office staff on my instruction), pineapple pastries and idlee sambar( courtesy swiggy)! To give him a surprise I called him and my mother in law from upstairs saying elections list update staff has come and wants voter list peoples signature! Both came in their night wear and masks and I played the most obvious song Baar baar din ye aae! Any ways now to my topic ,not so long ago ( 2 days back),, I used to usually feel belittled ,exploited and too sensitive when at lunch time while serving him food and bringing mine to have along with him at dining table, I noticed a peculiar habit of him giving the food plate in which he had finished his lunch to keep for washing while I had my fresh food in my hands! Since I am the last to join them at dining table cooking fresh vegetables and ensuring every thing is served properly, so with too much hunger,heat of kitchen  and a Big ego ,a lot of time I felt insulted about this habit of his.Day before yesterday I got a Satori( zen instant realization),if it was Swamiji giving me his jhoothi thali to keep in washing ,when I was bringing my own food ..Will I feel elated or insulted? What does Swamiji teach us..if you love Divine see him in your kids ,husband  parents .Swamiji is Bhagwaan Raam for me then y not feel I m serving him while serving my Father in law? One thought and years of feeling Egocentric melted! 

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