My friend was planning to have a birthday party for her 2 years old daughter. I’m excited as it’s the first birthday party I’ll attend during the pandemic. Also, she’s a good friend of mine. Then I decided to purchase a gift for her child.

At first, I was confused about what to choose. What to buy? I don’t know what might be useful for her kid. Turns out, the confusion changes to excitement the minute I browse for kid’s stuff.

I scrolled up for kid’s stuff, and it’s so exciting! Blocks, Legos, crayons–wow, the world is fun and colorful. After all this time, where have I been? It’s been a while for me to look at this kind of stuff. I was surprised to found a set of fancy crayons. Hmm, why not I purchase it for myself, too? Coloring was my childhood hobby! It’s been a decade for me to not have coloring again. Maybe it was in my elementary school… It was 15 years ago or more. Oh well, I’m already old, after all. Back then, it was hard for me to purchase a crayon because my family was poor. I can only envy my friend who had a fancier crayon. However, things have been different now. Thankfully, now I can buy the kind of crayons I want. What excites me again is that things are so much different compared to when I was a kid.

There is a 24, or even 48 color crayon. Wait, there is a 60 and 72 crayons set, too. Is there any more? Well, there is an erasable crayon. Erasable. What kind of sorcery is this? There is a “clean” crayon that can be held by a hand without leaving a stain. Then, there is the other that resembles a… mechanic pencil? This perplexed me! But, since I have to buy for my friend, I decided to purchase two packs of 24 color crayon sets. I bought the mechanic-crayon one. I also purchased a coloring book for my friend. Okay. Maybe another time, I’ll buy the 72 color one.

When the package arrives, I can’t stop smiling. My childhood dream comes true! Finally, I have a sophisticated crayon. And it comes with a plastic handle, like a bag. It’s so fancy, not like what I’ve had before. Back then, what I had was a regular crayon with paper, where you need to rip it. Now, I only need to twist the bottom so that the crayon would pop. This is so mindblowing. The red looks like a long lipstick, tho. I’ve printed a coloring page beforehand, so I am ready to color!

Actually, that time I was having a work meeting, but, screw it 😀 Work from home has its perks. Instead of being bored of the 2 hours meeting, now I can play with crayons. A meeting became more colorful, now!

(first attempt to have coloring again)

I know, this might sounds so childish for some people. But maybe we need to become childish sometimes. Because it’s fun! No expectation, no limits, shoulds, or target. The children’s play is so much different from the adults.

Without we realized it or not, we have the inner child inside of us. This might be harder to notice if you don’t have a child or live around children. But, your inner child will always be there. Maybe your inner child wants to have fun, too. When we’ve become an adult, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, right? Let’s play with our inner child! It’s never too late to pick up your childhood hobby and go on an adventure with it.