Ruhi went to the park to play. Mr Sethi came and started playing with her. He offered her chocolates, which she absolutely loved. She started loving that uncle and the uncle started loving her body. The 5-year-old started feeling the ‘bad touch’ eventually. Mr Sethi was beginning to show his true colours to Ruhi.

A few days later, Mr Sethi found Ruhi alone in her room. He went to her room to play with her. The maid, Ms Chinky, went to the room with a broom to clean the room. Ms Chinky opened the door and started screaming. Ruhi was crying out loudly without any clothes on her body. Mr Sethi saw and ran away from there. Ms Chinky put back clothes on the child and informed her mother about this incident.

Her mother hushed Ruhi and Ms Chinky. She warned them against telling this incident to anyone since she feared her family would lose respect in the eyes of society.

But, what about poor Ruhi?

She lost hope and love in her life. Yes, society will say many things but what is it that the little girl could say to herself? Now, she comes to me regularly for counselling. But I cannot help her because she still feels his dirty hands on her body. She still cries at night. She still gets scared. She is 30 years old. She is unable to find love just because she senses Mr Sethi in every man.

So, this is it. The message is loud and clear. It’s in your hands to see what you want to see. This society can go on and say a lot of things. But it is important to figure out what your children say to themselves when they experience trauma.

PS: This is a fictional story.

Stay aware.

Thank you

Keep smiling

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