Jai Shri Hari!

I’m writing here about my personal family issue… I hope it’s not bad to share my problems with my thoughts here. Two days back we all were sitting comfortably in our room in afternoon. Suddenly my aunt came and she said Nonu(me), Kavya(her son and mine cousin) is having some health issues, when I saw him, I was shocked he was not able to speak words, don’t know what happened.

We took him to the hospital and Doctor said he’s fine, he’s having panic attack. I watched some Monk’s videos before on youtube so I was familiar with this name. But my aunt, she is totally unaware of this, when she searched about this on google, she was shocked, google showed her the worst case of panic attack, which is in extreme case, my cousin’s case is not that severe, it’s starting. But I want to help him. Problem is that his parents are not ready to accept this. They are saying they will take their son to best hospital for his medical tests, but our doctor said no medicine could cure him.

Now what I want from you is that if anyone of you is familiar with all this then please help me… How could I convince my Uncle and Aunt to understand the situation and how to help my cousin….. Please help me share your story if you faced the same or story om someone you know who faced the same…

Jai Shri Hari!

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