Today while digging into my old stuff, I stumbled upon the old Issue of the GK Today magazine of Competition Success Review in which my article on the topic of ‘Pleasure of Reading‘ was published.  I had got second prize for that. It is like my first acclaimed published work for me. Earlier I only wrote few articles in my school magazine in the year 1993 to 1996 but this article was special because it was published in the national magazine. 

Before proceeding further with this blog, I would like to share some excerpts from the same.

Pleasure of Reading

“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing  an exact man”. 

The idea behind this statement beautifully orchestrated by Francis Bacon is very apparent. This gem of wisdom tries to put in a word that in a process of being an exact man, first comes the reading…….


In fact good books are good companions and wise counsellors too. They serve the purpose of a guide and a guardian. They soothe the greived, rebuke the obstinate, advice the fools and vindicate the wise………


On the whole, reading gives so much pleasure and profit to a judicious person who knows what to read and how to read that he can say with Thomas Carlyle: ” Blessings upon Cadmus, the Phoenician, or whoever it was that invented books”

Who knew that day that while finding pleasure in reading, I will also write a book one day. No doubt I was fond of writing also and I developed a strong bond with Urdu poetry and also wrote ghazals and nazms but I never thought that I will get my poetry published. However as it is destiny that has it in store for you, I got my first book of poetry published in 2020.

Again, I never thought about writing such blogs but when I read ‘ If Truth be told’ written by Om Swami Ji, I searched for him on Google and landed on this site which as a magical spell prompted me to write here. It’s my 14th day on this site and with the hidden blessings of Swami Ji, I have also tried my hands on writing some blogs here. 

I hope I will keep gaining wisdom and sharing my thoughts here.

Jai Sri Hari!

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