Of Values

I sat down by the river

One warm Sunday morning

Looking at the gurgling river

And the sparkling light on the water

I pondered…

What do I value?

What are my values?

What is Value?

As I looked at the water

It seemed to be telling me…

See how I run…

I know what I want

I know where I want to reach

I also know how I want to reach

I do not want to break stones

I wind around them

But still I keep moving

How do I want to live my life?

How do I want to get what I want to get?

I want to be gentle

I want to be enriching

To those who come to me

If I want to change the rocks

I do it in a slow yet firm way

They get rounded after years of my influence

I want to go towards my destination

Yet, in wanting to go

I look to my values when I move

On how I want to move

My values are my template

I keep going back to them

Whenever I face any challenge on my way

Because my values have moulded me

To become who I am

And I would not be water

If I did not have these

What are your values?

What makes you you?

What would make you not you

If you did not follow them

What would make you go further

Away from your inner core

If you did not refer to them?

The glistening light on the water

Suddenly brought out the light

In my inner thoughts

I am discovering my values

I am aligning to my values


That is when I recognise myself.

                                              – Malini Bharath