Nothing is more incongruous than coming across a beautiful quote (that wow moment you feel when reading one amazing quote) and forgetting about it. It’s quite rare to reread that amazing quote unless you have access to it all the time. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see, meditate on those quotes and their words every day? They are gentle reminders of words that once opened our eyes to another dimension, to another way of living and thought.

I have different mediums of reading, but my most preferred remain physical books. Nowadays I use a highlighter for parts that I am interested in revisiting later, not necessarily quotes. However, these get mixed up with so many ideas. It happens so rarely that I will open that book again once I finish it unless it is Harry Potter or something. But there isn’t a life-changing idea there. 

Let us make this article a positive thread for quotes that once wowed us, inspired us to change for a better version of ourselves. I am posting mine and I will revisit this post many times. Post yours, inspire me with quotes that are dear to you. Let us bathe in an aura of absolute positivity.


♥Hari Om♥