Post Deleted !!

As per my experience , we normally use our right hand to scroll page by seeing all posts .
It’s Okay to do this when we have not logged in to or we are on Dashboard to check all members post . But if have logged in and go to Menu – Account – My Corner and check all self posts , ya there are chances to get delete self post . This may happen because we use our right hand thumb to scroll page up side . Edit , See and Delete options are there for already published post and Delete option is on last . So as per my experience this is most frequent reason for post getting deleted !

I found solution for this that I normally use my left hand thumb when I go to My Corner and check my posts 🙂 Well I think may this trick will help you too my dear friends .

In past , I had faced this issue and here I am seeing some of members are facing issues of post deleted . So this is just my small suggestion to you all 🙏❤️

I have one small request to my dear editor team , when click on Delete post option , If you put one message – Are you sure you want to delete post ? I think may this will help for us if post is deleting mistakenly .

Have a great day !!

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