Being an only child with over protective patents who feared me cutting my finger with knife ,grating my finger with grater or burning them while lighting the gas ,cooking was only performed by me once an year on my before marriage ! That too with raw material and cut and chopped vegies by my mom or house help and very special dishes did i cook seeing receipies of Femina! With an extremely saintly husband in terms of eating food aswelll as very very limited freinds and relatives to socialize and cook for and my sooper active attitude to enjoy life , the cooking skills i learnt were trial and error method that to minimum basic required for kids and own health survival! Today i made a tandoori potatoe sandwich for my daughter Mindfully remembering Swamiji and his instructions at each step, so instead of breaking amul butter with hand i chopped a portion straight with knife, instead of just using it with spoon to smear its layer on bread ,I softened it in microwave for 30 seconds, applied it with oil brush neatly on bread slices ,instead of mashing potatoes with hand grated them on grater and filled neately in the bread! After the tandoori mayo crisp potatoe sandwich was ready i kept one over another nicely! Alll these things might be very normal and natural for a person but for someone who can t draw a line straight, park the car straight or fold the bedcover exactly at crease it takes lot of effort mindfulness and time too and at lots of moments the basic careless and lazy attitude tries to take over too! Swamiji i m trying.