If you’re seeking to reach beyond your current mindset, expand your consciousness, and experience the freedom possible through your body, breath, energy, and spirit.

It is an elegant, effortless process to observe, as the brain becomes better equipped to auto-regulate the body’s systems and functions allowing for dynamic states of healing, growth and heightened states of wellness. In the complete absence of defense posture, breath and energy is more easily directed to the chest and heart region, leading to increased feeling of love, gratitude, compassion, heightened intuition, and a deepening of self-knowledge.

its ability to allow one to have greater access to little used resources of the cerebral cortex-that part of the brain responsible for reasoning, higher intellect, and spiritual awareness. Research has shown the heart to be the body’s instrument of greatest vibration, and its connection to brain frequencies is essential to optimal function and full development of human consciousness. 

Om Swami.

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