Jai Shri Hari Radha!

I offer my obeisance to the Divine Lotus feet of Shri Gurudev…

I hope you all are fine in this pandemic time… Let’s pray for everyone, pray for ourselves… Every prayer counts…..

For prayer, today I’m taking dhyana from Gopal Sahasranama…

Adikarta Mahakarta Mahakalah Pratapavan ।
Jagajjivo Jagaddhata Jagadbharta Jagadvasuh ॥ 

I pray my devotion to Shri Hari who,

  1. is the creator of this universe.
  2. is performing everything here
  3. is the destructor
  4. is full of divine fame
  5. gives life to us
  6. is there for taking care of his child
  7. is the root wealth of this universe

So let’s start, today I chose this topic Power of Ignorance… I was thinking of writing in this. Don’t know why I was not able to express this. Although I can feel it. One of my know Gokul Bhaiya, he asked me when you are going to write on this(as I already shared with him that I’ll write on this). So Gokul Bhaiya today after a long time I’m writing this… 

Power of Ignorance. Ignorance, usually we hate this word when we get this from our loved ones. But my dear friend, are they actually loved one????

Ofcourse not, simply they are faking this. 

Let me take one of the shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.… All glories to my Guru…

जगत झूठी देखी प्रीत,
आपन ही सुख सेहो सब लागे के दरस मिलन,
जगत झूठी देखी प्रीत,
  मेरो मेरो सबै केहि हित्त स्यो  बांधियो चीत
अंत काय संगी नेह कोउ एह अचरज है रीत
जगत झूठी देखी प्रीत,

मन मूरख अजहुँ नेह समझत  सिख ते हरियो नीत
नानक भवजल पारा परै जो गावे प्रभ के गीत
जगत झूठी देखी प्रीत,
आपन ही सुख सेहो सब लागे क्या डारा  क्या मीत
जगत झूठी देखी प्रीत,

It’ll take your time to read. If you are not understanding this then for you let me translate this:

In this world, I have seen love to be false.

Whether they are spouses or friends, all are concerned only with their own happiness. 

All say, “Mine, mine”, and attach their consciousness to you with love.

But at the very last moment, none shall go along with you. How strange are the ways of the world! 

The foolish mind has not yet reformed itself, although I have grown weary of continually instructing it.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji say, O Nanak, one crosses over the terrifying world-ocean, singing the Songs of God.

Here you can see this thing that everyone in this world is with you for their own benefits… 

Let’s come back to the topic. I don’t know why but whenever I sit on to write, I’m supposed to write something else but don’t know why in this flow I write something which I was not planning to….. Unplanned things are good, don’t ignore them.(P.S. Power of Ignorance fails here)

Nowadays, I’m reading Kundalini by Swami Ji…. 

I was looking for someone’s words to express  this Power of Ignorance. I’m not a sidhha so I don’t think my words can leave marks on someone’s mind.

In that book, I read about Brahma granthi, first knot. We all get different thoughts, some good some bad. We all suffer to deal with bad thoughts. So what to do with these thoughts?

I’m telling you the words written by our very own Om Swami in his book Kundalini:

“Just like you may have the desire of eating fine food or wearing nice clothes, or going out etc., you have sexual thoughts. If you don’t give them extra importance, they are just like other thoughts – they emerge, stay for a moment and then disappear.”

Our generation, I’m saying this by seeing myself and my friends, we all are very curious to explore, may be this is because we get thoughts and we don’t ignore them, we give them importance and we start doing these things… This is where we have to be aware, we have to learn difference or I can say we have learn which thoughts will help me in becoming good human, accept these thoughts and ignore rest of other thoughts.

Ignore negative thoughts, toxic people from you mind and life…. Be with Swami Ji or Divine Mother both are same, always by remembering them…. 

I hope you enjoyed it…

Thanks for reading.

Jai Shri Hari Radha!