I found a movie clip from harry potter which perfectly illustrates the power of infinite love. (please watch the video I have mentioned in the post)

Here shadows/traumas/wounds/unconscious activity are sucking the life out of your body making you unconscious/miserable in life and from an ego-self you fight and create neurosis. when you don’t have access to infinite love/consciousness you can barely understand what is happening to your life and why there is so much suffering and not happiness and also your inability to escape suffering!

And when you truly surrender yourself to God-consciousness, You’re healed, You realize your potential to love everything because you are everything, you’re saved in the light of Creator! in this video try to relate with your life with your perspective we are not aware to see the unconscious shadows they are stopping us to become a wise person and living a happy life. 

I tell you this: Compassion never ends, love never stops, patience never runs out in God’s  World

 watch this clip

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