Good evening lovely people! This post is inspired by a book called “The Power of the Subconscious Mind”. It had a huge impact on me and I’m sure it will bring a small positive contribution to your life.

A little information about me: I believe in the law of attraction, I believe that thoughts are also ‘karma’, which means abusing someone on his/her face and abusing them in your mind has the same effect on you and your destiny.

An average human has 6200 thoughts per day (not sure of the number, read it on Google). We are not even aware of them! So at least we can choose some of our thoughts consciously if not all.

We should give ourselves the power to reject all the thoughts that are not in alignment with our goals. Every 11 months our body goes under changes. Let this change start now!

Here are some points I understood from the book:

  • Breathe and relax. Let there be efforts in your actions and not in the mind, easy does it. Efforts reduce when the mind is still and steady
  • If you are in pursuit of something, visualize. Visualize as vivid as you can. Visualize RadheKrishna Bhagwaan and keep smiling
  • Ask your inner power to guide you to your true place in life. Ask your subconscious mind anything prior to sleeping and it will answer. Sleep in peace, wake up in joy
  • Never have resentments or hatred towards someone no matter what, say something good. For eg.,  “They are allowed to be the way they want; or I’m more powerful than feelings of anger”. Keep your difficulties (emotional, physical, financial, relationships) to yourself. Sharing it with people multiplies negative vibrations and makes you contemplate deeper about it every time you say it. Don’t give anyone a chance to think ill of you, your family or your life. We are not here to make people the second edition of our selves.
  • Forget what happened yesterday, clean your mental blocks every night. For eg., “I choose to forgive myself and everyone who has caused pain or made mistakes intentionally or unintentionally”.
  • There is nothing more powerful than gratitude.
  • Fill your mind with thoughts charged with power, love, abundance, peace and harmony.

I hope it helps you as it helped me! Make sure you sleep in peace, wake up in joy. Good night!

Live, love.


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