Being a mother of a two year old is hard enough. Many responsibilities and daily tasks. In the end of the day I question myself. Where is the time for me? 

Is it really so hard to find balance between the daily routine with a small child and doing my own selflove practice? I can speak from my own perspective and for it is hard. But one thing I am learning right now at this point in my life is that is the most important thing to do. After nourishing myself daily I find more and more back to myself. For example what I can do:

– do some sports that I like on my own (cycling, hiking) 

– meditation and Pranayama practice 

– yoga and pilates practice or

– doing my hair, nails, 

– read a book or a page,

– listen to a podcast or video. 

This is something that I need and I realized that when I take time for me, my husband takes more care for my daughter and also the life together improves. 

There are many possibilities, just start NOW! 

Your dear friend Mateja.