We are all happy because we have money, love, health, etc. Did you think about why you were born? Some try to find it and others don’t.

We all enjoy life when we are happy. We thank it. At sad times, we scold it. Getting to the point We are all here living for a reason. We are here to do something. If you do something for the world, you do not need to be reborn again. You might like to be born, but just think. Do you think money, love, and health will be with you? No, it is not a prof. If you achieve good for the world, then there is no need for God or nature to make you born again. The problem is that no one does that.

There is another way to enlightenment (no rebirth). Gautama Buddha said that if we follow five points, we will be enlightened:

1) It is not permissible to kill any living being

2) I’m not stealing anything from anyone

3) To have control on senses

4) Not Lying

5) Not Intoxication

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