We all got a fairly good idea what Our Beloved Swamiji was working on for the past two years ! I am sure our heart is filled with gratitude for Our revered Guru for His uncompromising way of work for the betterment of human beings. But after reading Swamiji’s yesterday’s post, it pained me to know he had another extremely hectic week with 2 sleepless nights. If I do not get a nights sleep, i know how difficult it is to work through my routine the next day! And Swamiji doing this for days together, how much compromise he does on His health part! After all, all human bodies react the same way for lack of sleep. 

       This post is a humble attempt to ask for your 2 minutes to pray to Mother Divine for Our most Loving Swamiji to take care of His Health and help Him to take some time off for Himself for self care.  If you are reading this, now would be a good time to stop reading and pray ! 🙂 

  Its the least we can do!

   I am sure most of you would have done that yesterday after reading His post, but another will have more sifarish 🙂  I think that was the jist of yesterdays post, Swamiji asking us to stop and think, whether we are taking care of our health. ( Correct me if i am wrong:) )

Thank you for reading the post!

        Dearest Swamiji,

           Extremely grateful to You for including me in Your family and looking after me. Praying for Your optimum health everytime i bow down to You mentally. All Glories to You!



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