What is prayer?? Most of us practice some kind of prayer in our daily life but have we really realised the true essence of it?? Here I share my experience of prayer.

A prayer is that which lift up the fallen ones, which brings the smile on the saddened faces,which satisfies the hunger of hungry,which heals the wound of injured ones.

One prayer which we do daily for our deities.when we do this prayer with our heart 💖 and soul then we attain the most beautiful form of prayer.

So keep praying 🙏 with pure heart and soul whoever you pray to because when we pray with purity,we attain and understand the true essence of prayer and when we understand the essence of it then we understand people around us really well.We understand the unique and different challenges that life throws on each one of us.we understand the pain of others and when we understand the pain of people around us,we help them and when we help eachother without any selfish motive with love and compassion then it’s the highest form of prayer.

So keep praying with heart and soul till we achieve this state of prayer.Love and light shambhoo ❣️🕉️🙏

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