Divine Father, God, please don’t let me fall into the temptation to judge, no matter which person gets in my way. Let me keep quiet when people say something that I don’t think is appropriate. Let me tell them, if they overcome themselves by doing something they didn’t think they could do. Let me be an angel to every person who enters my life.

The world needs it. It is lost, sad and full of selfish behavior. Please let me fix it so I can save as many lost souls as I can.

Help me to be a comforter to every person in my life. Give me the strength to say firmly “No!” to every opportunity that invites me to criticize, to judge or to be angry. I never know what’s going on in another person’s soul or how much pain there is. Help me remember that so I can treat every person as the best gift I have ever received. Let me bring a piece of sun to every day of each person.

That is my greatest wish. Please help me to do this all, that this world would be better place for all of us.


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